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On-page seo techniques 2019 – If you want to high ranking your website or webpage on search engine than you can do first think good on-page seo, because it is most important for ranking your website on search engine like Google, Bing.

on-page seo techniques 2019
on-page SEO techniques 2019

1.Meta Tags

Meta Tags is so important in On-page SEO Techniques 2019 because it is shown to the google what is My website Niche (category) then google indexing your webpage through to your meta tags.

:There Are Three Types Of Meta Tags – World Seo Khazana

  • Title Tags
  • Meta Description
  • Keyword Tags

2.URL Structure

Url Structure is the best activity because they are introduced to you,URL structure is a help to you rank your website on a search engine and your website URL should be short because short URL is remembered of users.

:Some Tips I Have For You To Improve URL Structure

  • Focus Keyword Use In URL
  • URL Sound Is Good For Future
  • Avoid Stop Words In URL
  • Use Short URL
  • Use Canonical Tags

3. Image Optimization

Image Optimization is the part of On-page SEO Techniques 2019 and if you want high traffic on your website than you can use it because sometime user search some information images that’s way it is important for seo and getting traffic on search engine now we will show you some steps How do you optimize your website images.

  • Use Unique Image
  • Reduce the Image size
  • Use Some Information In Image
  • Use Alt Text
  • Replace Right Position

4. Internal Linking

Internal Linking is part of On-page SEO techniques 2019 but it is way getting traffic from own website, internal linking means so simple that is Add your webpage link on your own website, this is so cool trick for reading your post and you can say getting traffic from your own website through internal linking.

:Internal linking is most important and there are three reasons

  • Internal Linking is  pass the authority from one page to another page.
  • Internal Linking guide visitors to high Traffic, high converting pages.
  • Internal Linking To promote Your post and easy to get information.

5. Page Speed

Page speed is the most important On-page SEO Techniques 2019, if you want to rank your website or webpage on Google then you can follow it otherwise sorry, you can not rank your website.

We will provide you some important on-page SEO factor you can use easily, these tips are I have personally used so you can try it.

:These Are Some Best Steps For Improve Your Web-page Speed

  • Use AMP Optimize Theme
  • Reduce Any Redirects
  • Improve Hosting Server
  • Optimize Your Webpage images
  • Avoid Too much ads on page


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