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How to combine digital PR with SEO for better results.
To create a consistent brand image across all digital marketing platforms, ensure that all your strategies and channels are meticulously linked to each other. When digital PR and SEO teams, like those at Eskimoz, work together, they can efficiently maintain brand consistency by publishing similar content on each digital marketing platform. To reach the maximum possible audience, when you create content related to the launch of a new product or service, try to simultaneously publish it on your website, different social media platforms and various online outlets. Additionally, you can use similar content as a newsletter for email marketing.
Are Press Releases Still Relevant for SEO in 2019?
Ashwin April 21st. i have done press release so many times.i want to ask you that are press release backlinks permanent or they remove it after a time? mike ali June 5th. if you get paid press release done by same company two, three times in a year will it benefit or not? Jamie lancs June 22nd. Hmm most Newswires are nofollow, especially the ones that implemented Googles advice a few years ago. I normally use Pressat for UK and Newswire for US both are nofollow and dont syndicate your PR which is normally what causes problems.
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Our inbound PR focus means that weve placed keyword optimised content for our clients on high domain authority websites, helping our clients boost their overall rankings with Google. WANT TO KNOW MORE ABOUT HOW SEO AND B2B PR WORK TOGETHER?
SEO Needs to Be Part of Your PR Strategy.
Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur contributors are their own. Interestingly, although I lead a PR company, we dont do SEO. However, I strongly consider SEO know-how one of the most essential advantages a PR business can have. The guiding rule of PR, in my estimation, is to provide relevant and value-add information for the people who want to receive it.
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Contacts Turn your contacts into relationships with our purpose-built PR CRM. Stories Newsrooms Tell your brands stories in full colour with fully multimedia newsrooms. Campaigns Send news to the right people, at the right time, and track the results. Coverage Now you can log your coverage and report straight from Prezly. Book a Demo. Media success goes above and beyond media coverage, you need to know how to configure content for search engines too. SEO Why Your Press Release Doesnt Belong On Your Blog.
SEO PR Digital PR Services GlobalCom PR Network.
GlobalCom and its partner agencies offer an unparalleled results-driven experience globally and our management model allows for flexibility and service localisation. We have partners in many countries around the world and speak the local language natively. Several of our PR specialists have extensive experience with SEO campaigns and strategy and we always guide our thinking on data and measurable results. Contact us today to find out how we can help you reach your target market, integrate customer search insights, and deliver an effective PR campaign supported by an effective SEO content strategy. It is our job to transport a companys or brands messages to a variety of target groups via the local media in a way specifically tailored to their preferences. Ralf Hartmann, GlobalCom PR Network Munich. You are in good company.
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Start with defined goals and targets for what you want your SEO activity to achieve. How much extra organic traffic do you want? What keywords and content are likely to deliver that traffic? What is the likely cost, effort and timescale to achieve these incremental traffic increases? Does the additional organic traffic actually deliver meaningful outcomes? The good news is that all of these questions can answered with a reasonable degree of accuracy by simply using the excellent tools and data sources available from Google, Moz, SEM Rush and Majestic. Andrew Smith, Escherman. Get your house in order. Good SEO starts at home by ensuring that a website adheres to best practice design and implementation. Meta data these are the page titles, descriptions, and image tags embedded within web pages. They are typically managed by content management systems CMS such as WordPress. Site speed Google rewards web pages that load quickly.
Implement Your PR and SEO Efforts Together To Drive Results.
Modern consumers have countless websites at their fingertips and they are not going to waste their time on sites that are slow to load, disorganized or do not show their value right away. Have a strong press release in the crawlable distribution network. This means pulling together all your resources, including paid search and social media. Social media can be a fantastic tool for getting new information out in front of interested parties. Remember that posting links through popular networks, such as Facebook and Twitter is fantastic for exposure, bringing traffic and boosting interest. Main brand pages, such as your Facebook fan page or your LinkedIn company page, are crawlable and can also be great opportunities for posting press releases and information. Even Reddit can rank for applicable queries, but the links included are NoFollow. Do not neglect YouTube. Videos and press releases can actually be quite a valuable combination. You can create videos that accompany your press release and upload them to YouTube to boost your attention for the announcement. The video platform star also allows you to post links in your video description, comment sections and your overlays. Build relationships for some old-school PR.
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Produce and Share Quality Content Google, as well as potential clients and customers, care about relevant and interesting content more than keywords and backlinks. PR firms focus on creating the kind of content that people actually want to read, listen to or view. This also happens to be the kind of content that ranks best with the search engines today. Create Viral Campaign s Viral marketing is really just a way to describe the process of getting people to share content and discuss a product or company. A viral video, for example, may be shared by millions of people on YouTube and social media. This type of publicity does not depend on any type of SEO tricks.
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