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<p>Blini Games' roguelike Lovecraft Untold Stories was released earlier this year on iOS where asked our App Army for their thoughts on it. Now the game has made its way over to Android, where you'll be able to buy it now.</p><p>If you're unsure if it's the game for you though don't worry. The developers have also decided to release a demo version of sorts. You'll be able to download Lovecraft Untold Stories Lite over on Google Play as well. It will include 2 levels and 1 playable character for you to test the game out with to see if you feel it's worth the asking price.</p><p>It's good to see this on offer and it certainly suggests that Blini have a lot of faith in their game. The full version of the game will have 5 playable characters in total, each with their own different playstyle and approach to combat.</p>.

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