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<p>MU Origin, the popular mobile MMORPG from Webzen, has just received its latest content update, and it&rsquo;s jam-packed with new features. They include a solo PvP event, guild contests and epic clan battles, as well as new special items and power-ups.</p><p>Heading up the new features is The Genesis War, a solo Reverse PvP event that takes place every Monday, Wednesday and Friday between 8pm and 8:20pm (server time), playing out in real-time.</p><p>Up to 220 players can participate in The Genesis War, but you will need to have hit Reverse level 30 to qualify. The event takes place over five floors and contestants will battle across them anonymously, with the aim of racking up the highest kill count. All warriors who take part will receive the Light of Ares buff, as well as a raft of event rewards.</p><p>Running alongside the PvP feature, Ruins Assault is a gauntlet run for guilds that also takes place across five floors. You will need to have reached Guild level three and at least Reverse level one to take part, and the upper floors have higher level requirements.</p>.

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