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<p>Released in 2014, The Adventures of Bertram Fiddle is a funny quirky adventure game following the exploits of its titular explorer, and it's currently on sale for 99p / 99c, ahead of the expected July release of the game's next episode A Bleaker Predicklement.</p><p>Bertram Fiddle is the name of the game's explorer hero, who finds himself tangled up in a Victorian mystery involving the aptly named Geoff the Murderer. While the humor of the weird world doesn't alway land, our Bronze Award review praised the inventive puzzles and the "slightly surreal design of the world."</p><p>You can purchase Bertram Fiddle Episode 1 for 99p / 99c on iPad and iPhone.</p>.

GAME NAME Tap Hero Dungeon

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com.sigmateam.Tap Hero Dungeon.free

Simulator Of Pyrotechnics(MOD (Unlimited Money) v1.48.2):

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